About Us

Russell Ursula the founder and owner of Genesis Compliance Consultancy is a seasoned justice administrator with legal, law enforcement, AML/CFT regulatory compliance, project and risk management background.

Genesis Compliance Consultancy delivers peace of mind at competitive prices. Our “on call” diverse team of experts combines technical, investigative and business experience to offer a comprehensive suite of AML/CFT and Sanctions monitoring services. Moreover, our commitment to customer satisfaction translates into small and medium business size tailored solutions and local, personal assistance.

Our individualized approach to client partnerships affords more flexibility and insight compared to larger providers with rock-bottom pricing for pre-set services. At the same time, we provide a cost-effective alternative to smaller businesses (including sole proprietorships) that often don’t have the technology or bandwidth to support high-volume projects.

Please connect with us at: info@genesiscompliance.com